Hard Floor Polishing

Hard Floor Cleaning Buffing

It is the floor that matters the most at domestic as well as commercial levels. If the floor looks clean, then the building or the house also seems to be clean. But, if the floor is full of stains and marks, then it can never cast a good impression on you.

Focus Commercial Cleaning offers this service to its dedicated customers. Let us know what your location is and we will be there right away.


Prior to polishing the floors are thoroughly cleaned.


Once the floor is clean and dry, we apply the polish.

Best Results

Traffic on the surface should be avoided for the next 24 hours

How we work

Our Hard Polishing Services

The professionals at Focus Commercial cleaning are well-equipped with the techniques to clean your floor. We can offer services with the polishing machine as well as without it. It depends upon the type of work, whether the machine should be used or not.

How We Clean

We first remove the furniture and rugs from the floor. Once all is removed, we then sweep and mop the floor to remove the stains. Our cleaning products are reliable and effective by all means.

We also use cleaning machine to polish the floor and remove all the marks that make it dull. After cleaning we apply disinfectants on the floor to remove the bacteria and germs.

Floor Buffer

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