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Cleaning is a not a simple task by all means. Sometimes you require professional help to make the cleaning more effective. Professionals know how to perform the cleaning to gain the best results.

Focus Commercial Cleaning is at your service, whether it is your office that requires regular cleaning, or your commercial business premises. We are experts at dealing with the diverse cleaning demands and have experience to bring you the best commercial solutions on the market.

Office Cleaning

Regular office cleaning is our specialty. Learn more about our regular maintenance options and office cleaning services by calling our team today.

Office window Cleaning

Commercial Business Cleaning

We can clean almost anything. Learn more about our business cleaning options by calling our team today with your requirements.

What Can We Do?

How We Perform Commercial Cleaning

Let us know what your demand is, and we will do the work the way you want it done. We assure you that the final result will be in accordance with your demands.  We have the dedicated staff to handle all of your cleaning related requirements.

Regular office maintenance demands professionalism.

1. How often do you recommend cleaning?

We recommend cleaning a commercial premises at least weekly, however some offices require daily cleaning, it all depends on the use of the premises.

2. What does a typical clean involve?

A typical clean includes emptying bins, cleaning toilets and vacuuming, however we can include any additional tasks you would like, such as wiping down desks or telephones.

3. When is the cleaning conducted?

Our team understand that you want minimal disruption to your workplace and hence all cleaning will be undertaken during hours that suit your organisation.

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